Market Trends in the Netherlands

Doing business in the Netherlands: What are the latest market trends?

The Netherlands is famed for its picturesque windmills and charming canals. As one of the richest and most developed countries in Europe it is generally thought of as a peaceful, liberal and democratic country; its economy is the sixth biggest in the European Union and it occupies a prominent position in the world trading market.

A global leader in exporting chemicals, electronics, petroleum and shipping, the Netherlands’ varied industries and its prime location as a European transport hub are what make it such a prosperous country. Its main and emerging markets are as follows:

Agricultural Products

Arguably Netherlands’s biggest export is agricultural produce. The Netherlands are the world’s second largest exporter of agricultural products with 66,505 Dutch businesses in the agricultural sector. Netherlands’s geographical position means that 77 % of agricultural exports are to other EU countries including vegetables, meat, dairy and oils.



The beautiful scenery combined with the liberal attitudes of Netherlands make it a go to destination for many to explore. It has a thriving tourist industry for such a small country, the famous coffee shops and Red Light District of Amsterdam draw in millions of visitors from across the world year on year.



The Netherlands is the world leader in the large scale cultivation of flowers, plants and bulbs. The country, renowned for its tulips, has developed a thriving horticultural market exporting its beautiful plants and flowers worldwide. Each year 65% of the new plants which emerge on the horticultural scene are grown in the Netherlands and mainly exported to France, Germany and the United Kingdom.


The Netherlands is the third largest exporter of refined petroleum in the world. Home to Shell, one of the most valuable companies in the world, the US and Germany are the only countries ahead of the Netherlands in the petroleum exports league. Up to one quarter of Netherlands’s total exports are petrol and mineral based fuels.



The Dutch are global leaders in electronics with world famous Philips one of its biggest exports. The electronic giant’s headquarters are based in Amsterdam. Philips dominates the electronics market in both the home appliances and healthcare sectors.



Chemicals are a leading business industry in the Netherlands. The vast amount of available raw materials and innovative research industries make Netherlands a global player in chemical exports. With part British part Dutch companies like UniLever, who manufacture major domestic and pharmaceutical products based in the Netherlands, this means the chemical sector amounts for 3% of the Netherlands’s GDP.



The Dutch brewing company Heineken is world famous and its record sales, along with those of Grolsch and Bavaria, made Netherlands the world’s biggest exporter of beer until 2010 when it was overtaken by Mexico. However, Heineken still remains the third biggest brewery in the world with the original brewery now a popular tourist attraction as The Heineken Experience museum.

Netherlands’s Future As A Business Export Hub

As a transport hub to Europe Netherlands’s industries appear to be thriving. Despite being a small sized country its strong economic position makes it a safe bet for businesses and its main exports continue to dominate the market. Although, at the moment it seems unlikely it will overtake any of the other big European players anytime soon, its current economic position seems pretty stable.


Netherlands’s solid reputation and geographical location make it a great area to consider doing business, especially in the cosmopolitan cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Its links with other major European players like France and Germany further strengthen its position.  TNT UK are experts in overseas deliveries and our extensive experience means that if you should wish to start doing business in the Netherlands your business would be able to safely trust in our secure delivery services to Netherlands.