Exporting to the USA

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There are hundreds of benefits to exporting to the USA. Not only has the land of opportunity got the largest economy in the world it is also home to over 70 of the world’s best universities and ranked globally as the 4th easiest country to do business with.

There are lots of reasons why exporting to the US is desirable. Firstly, it is home to the world’s largest consumer market so there is a much wider scope to make profit. Not only does the US have the world’s biggest market, its business culture is very similar to that of the UK so there is a limited chance of misunderstandings and, as an English speaking country, there are also minimal language barriers, making it a very lucrative market for UK traders. The labour force are also highly skilled and productive. There are plenty of opportunities for business growth with some of the most talented minds graduating from the top universities year on year.

The benefits to exporting transatlantic are endless. Trade between the UK and the US has been really successful for decades now. According to gov.uk in 2012 UK trade in goods and service to the US was £135 billion and the market is only continuing to grow. The most popular exports include machinery and transport equipment, chemicals, beverages and tobacco. There are so many opportunities for a wide variety of industries such as commodities, manufactured goods and live animals. Sign up to the UK Trade and Investment Business Opportunities page to receive free alerts to new business opportunities.

Despite being a great and easy place to do business there are however some challenging aspects to exporting to the US. As it’s such a large country there is a lot of competition so it can at times be quite a difficult place to be successful in business. The scale of the country also means there is a huge difference between people and cultures. As there are 50 states across four different time zones this can often cause complications. For example, the differences between North and South America are very stark as some states are highly cosmopolitan others very religious and traditional; it’s important to be well informed.

When exporting to the USA, targeting a particular state or niche market is advisable. This way you will be able to focus on providing exactly what your target audience wants instead of going too big and being insignificant in comparison to the competition or making mistakes. Whatever market you decide to export to it’s important to remember that American’s value customer service very highly so ensure everything is completed to the highest standard. Ensure all monetary amounts are converted into dollars and that your business is reachable, at least by phone or email, at all times to reflect the different time zones.

An area where there are multiple opportunities for businesses to expand is the commercial aviation industry. As the USA is the number one country for aerospace there are plenty of opportunities to export products related to the manufacturing, automation, composites, interiors for aircrafts and passenger experience industries.

The most difficult part of exporting to the USA is understanding the supply chain. There are some sanctions and embargos to remember when exporting to the US, check out the US Department of the Treasury for more information. Also remember to research the prohibited items list. With an international exporting service like the one TNT offers you won’t need to worry about the rules, regulations and extra duties you may need to pay as we will be able to organise all the exporting and shipping for you to take away the worry. Don’t hesitate, see your business expand and thrive when you export to the USA with the help of TNT.