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What Your Business Branding Says About Your Company

Branding is one of the most important aspects of building a company.

Your brand is ultimately the main way your customer perceives your business and defines its personality. From the level of service that’s expected from your business to the quality of a product, everything, even down to the logo and colours of your brand can influence a customer so it’s vital to make sure your brand is saying the right things about your business.

What Exactly is it About Branding that’s so Important?

  • It influences the buyer
  • It can signify quality or a high standard of product if successful
  • It can determine whether a customer buys your product over another
  • It can be a status symbol

Customers love brands. From top brands like Nike to Coca-Cola, McDonalds and Apple, these brands have built a reputation that people trust and remain loyal to over other competitors.

What do Different Colours Signify?

The colours used in your branding can have a huge impact on the way people perceive your company. Generally, these basic colours tend to signify these attributes when it comes to how people perceive your business:

  • Red – Energy, action and passion
  • Orange - Friendly, confident, productive
  • Green - Health, wealth, peace, eco friendly
  • Blue -Trust, dependability, strength
  • Yellow - creativity, optimism, warmth

Although this is not always the case, remember to bear this in mind when it comes to choosing a brand logo and font colour for your company as this can have a huge impact on the way you’re perceived.

The Font Style

The font you choose for your brand can also say a lot about your company. For example, a wedding dress designer is going to use a much more cursive font to connote creativity and elegance when compared to a finance company, who’s more likely to use a basic block font that’s more conventional and implies dependability.

Do I Need to Change my Brand?

Ask yourself whether your brand represents the ethos and qualities of your business. If it doesn’t then you definitely need to change it in order to connect with your current customers and target audience. Many businesses have a re-brand to reinvent themselves if they’re not doing well to project a new image of their business to customers. Think about everything when building your brand from the graphics and layout on your website to your logo and promotional materials, and look at how you can add value to your brand by changing these.

Building a Successful Brand

Knowing the audience your business is appealing to is crucial to building a successful brand. When designing your brand logo and creating a mission statement, think about how it will connect and reach out to your target market. The flip side to this is making sure that your brand translates properly across a variety of different channels. This could be sponsorship, offline promotional materials and digital advertising.

Who Represents my Brand?

One of the best ways top brands reinforce and maintain their status is by being endorsed by celebrities or people who are influential in their field. You can recreate this for your business by working with clients that share the same values and qualities as your brand. This can often encourage other brands to want to work with your business as it signifies that you are a quality brand.

Getting your business branding right is crucial to the success of your company, so it’s vital that when building a brand you think about your target audience and how they’ll receive your branding throughout the process.