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Best Content Marketing & Social Media Management Tools for Businesses

When you’re working in the fast-paced world of international business it can mean that you often lack the time to put serious effort into your marketing.

However, fortunately, there are a number of shortcuts you can take to improve your marketing campaigns in a matter of minutes. Here, we show you the best content marketing tools for international businesses.  

Idea Generation

Content Idea Generator

If you’re short on inspiration for your latest post, then try Portent’s Content Idea Generator. Simply type in a keyword and it’ll provide you with a number of different suggestions.


Wondering what content’s performing well in your industry? Well Buzzsumo can tell you who is publishing what and how successful it has been. It can also tell you the most successful pieces of content on a site and what content pieces are performing well for a certain keyword.

Google Trend

If you’re looking to capture traffic from the latest breaking news stories then Google Trends is your friend. It will show you how traffic has changed over time for certain keywords, so you can publish at the right moment.

Google Schola

Google have hidden it from view recently, but if you’re looking to write long-form, academic content, look no further than Google Scholar for your research.


Hot trends can be found on Feedly. It’s great for finding out what’s hot in your industry right now.

Google Keyword Planner

Finally, think about ideas that will drive traffic to your site. Use Google’s Keyword Planner to find keywords with large search volumes and incorporate those as a central pillar of your new idea.

Reading and Writing Tools

After the Deadline

If you’re using Chrome, the After the Deadline is a great little tool. It will check for spelling, style and grammar no matter what site you’re on, so you can see all the little mistakes others have made. You’ll find it amazing what slips through the editorial process. 

Readability Test Tool

If you have a fixed writing style and find it hard to critique your own work, then the Readability Test tool is great. It analyses your work, showing you how to improve it and make it scannable.

Social Media Management Tools: General


Stuck in the mire of running multiple social media accounts for your business? Hootsuite can help you. It allows you to manage and run multiple accounts concurrently, while also allowing you to schedule posts and measure your ROI.


This is similar to Hootsuite. Buffer lets you share content from anywhere online, manage multiple accounts and collaborate with team members. It’s a great little all-in-one tool.

Social Media Tools: Facebook


If you’re stuck on how to improve your social skills then LikeAlyzer is the tool for you. It’ll save you thousands employing a specialist and will give you simple tips and tricks to enhance your online presence and social strategy.

Social Media Tools: Twitter


If you want to learn more about the types of followers that your Twitter account has attracted, then Followerwonk is great. Plus, not only can you learn about your followers, you can learn more about those of your competitors, too.


Want to embed tweets into your blog posts? EmbeddedTweets is the tool for you.


The key to a successful tweet is ensuring that it reaches your followers. Tweriod can tell you when your followers are online and when the optimum time to post is.

Social Media Tools: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Analytics Tool

The analytics tool from SimplyMeasured gives you access to a number of useful tools. It’s great for showing you who is viewing your profile when, who is adding value by posting and what day and times your posts have the greatest impact.

These are all of our favourite social media and content marketing tools and, amongst them, you should have an option to help you for every channel. Please also see our guide for other international business tools here that may help you manage your business.