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How to Deal with Customer Complaints on Social Media

Customer complaints are a common occurrence in the digital age.

With social media making it so much easier for customers to tweet and Facebook message their complaints, it’s something businesses are having to deal with on a regular basis. Here’s some guidance on how to best deal with customer complaints on social media so they don’t damage your business: 

Respond Fast

With social media comments being there for everyone to see, it’s important that you respond to complaints quickly. If you don’t have time to deal with the issue immediately, then always reply acknowledging the problem to show customers that you’re looking into it.

Don’t Delete Comments

A particularly bad review or complaint can make your business look bad and could potentially put off other customers so naturally the urge to delete it is a natural response. But, by deleting their comments customers will only be more intent to get a response from you and possibly post more or use other channels to vent their frustrations.

Always Admit Your Mistakes

In business, everyone makes mistakes and if your company has made an error the best thing to do is to apologise and try to offer a solution. Whether this is by offering a replacement product, investigating an issue or offering another mode of contact so you can discuss the issue with the customer further, showing that you’ve taken responsibility for the problem is essential.

Try to Private Message

If a customer is particularly angry or upset, other customers may join in fuelling the fire. This is when social media comments can cause harm to a business as a lot of bad feedback makes potential customers think there must be an underlying issue with your business if several people have had problems. Making the conversation between you and the customer private as soon as possible helps to prevent this. Either post a number where they can call you to discuss the matter or open a private message.


One of the best things about social media is that you can use it to help give your brand a voice or personality. One of the best ways to do this is to respond to customer complaints in a personal and friendly manner, treating each complaint individually. Brands which reply to complaints with a standard message look much less invested in their customer’s happiness than the ones which take the time and effort to respond to emails in a more human, caring fashion.

Always go one step further

The best way to show customers that you really value them is by going the extra mile. If your business can provide a solution to their problem or issue quickly then always do so. For example, if a customer has received the wrong parcel or is missing something from their delivery, offering to immediately send out another once instantly rectifies their issue and shows that you’re a caring and proactive business. If you’ve made a large mistake, offering a free product or a full refund and some sort of compensation can be really helpful.

Follow up

One of the best ways your business can handle social media complaints is by trying to turn them into positive feedback. You can attempt to do this by following up with the customer a few days later to ensure that they’re happy with the solution you’ve provided to the problem. By contacting them several days later it shows you value their happiness and could help to encourage them to leave positive feedback.

Social media is one of the best tools a business can use to present a positive image to customers. By following these tips and handling customer complaints with this strategy, you can further use social media to promote a positive proactive impression of your business, turning something negative into a positive for your brand.