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How to Do Email Marketing:

Best Practices, Tips & Advice

Sending marketing emails is a great way to communicate with your audience and a fantastic way to generate leads. However, spending money on email marketing is pointless if your readers aren’t going to open and read the emails you’re sending them.

It’s likely that you’re already obsessed with click-through rates and open rates, but how do you improve them? The answer: optimisation. Just like you’d optimise your on-site content to target your audience and ensure that they buy your products, you want your emails to do the same.

You need to compel your reader to open an email from their packed inbox. Here are four ways you can do just that.

1) Create a Killer Subject Line

If a reader’s inbox is swamped, it’s likely that they will only scan it. The subject line is pretty much the only thing the reader will see before they decide whether or not to open an email, so it really needs to grab their attention and convince them to open it.

Your subject line must be relevant and address the concerns of the reader. If you’re emailing individuals directly, then you can also personalise the subject line by adding their company’s name. Someone is much more likely to open “5 ways TNT can save time on their marketing” than “5 ways to save time when marketing”. 

2) Draft Inspiring Body Copy

All of your email communications should be concise, compelling and to the point. Due to this, the length of your email is really important.

Keep it short, sharp and simple. Remember that your email will be interrupting busy people and a large email body will make them click away. They simply won’t have time to read it, no matter how good what you’re offering might be.

Within the text itself, focus heavily on your tone of voice and making it appropriate for your audience. Striking the correct tone will make your offer sound more convincing and increase the likelihood of your readership taking you up on the offer.

Make the offer simple and understandable. What is the offer? Why is it a good deal? Why is it valuable? You can even bullet point these in the text. Breaking up the text visually and using white space to your advantage can be a great help.

When writing the copy itself, ensure to use short sentences and compelling language. Even be a little over-dramatic if you think it suits your audience. You need to ensure that people will want to actively read on. Be strong in your choice of language and remember that the more graphs and statistics you can use, the better.

3) Make Readers Convert: Add Calls-to-Action

You need to remember the purpose of your email: to get a reader to convert. Due to this, your call-to-action is arguably the most important part of your email. Remember, a call-to-action is your best chance of getting the customer you’ve convinced to click through the above advice to convert and buy what you’re offering.

A call-to-action can be a button, a hyperlink or even an image. It should be the focus of your email, so make sure that it catches the reader’s eye. It should also be “above the fold” so your reader can see it without scrolling. However, if your email is lengthy, it may be worth adding it several times throughout and providing multiple opportunities for the reader to click.

If you’re physically writing your call-to-action, you should also ensure that you convey urgency through words such as “now” and “today” or emphasise that people are joining a community “join us” or “register with us”.

4) Make it Accessible: Optimise it for Mobile

Finally, ensure that your email is also mobile accessible. If the text is too small, too big, or the reader has to scroll across to read it all, they’ll click off in a heartbeat. Remember that the rise of smartphones and tablets mean that a lot of readers now access their emails through mobile platforms. Don’t lose their custom.

You can simply use mobile-optimised templates for your emails. This way, you’ll never miss a lead or conversion chance.

These four tips should help you improve your email marketing. From creating killer subject lines to convince people to open your emails to writing fantastic copy that will make them convert, there are a number of ways to adapt your strategy to increase click-through and conversion rates.