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How you Can Go Greener with your International Business

Becoming more environmentally friendly has become a high priority on a lot of business owners’ to-do lists in recent years.

This is owing to more research indicating that businesses have a large part to play in reducing our global carbon footprint.

To some people, sustainability seems like a byword for extra costs – but this is far from the truth. In fact, becoming ‘greener’ has some irrefutable business benefits.

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint in Your Operations

If you have a business fleet, or use motoring services to carry out your day to day operations as a business, looking into how you can cut down costs often goes hand in hand with cutting down emissions. Insist on suppliers or distributors with eco-friendly credentials.

The initial outlay of hybrid vehicles, electric or biodiesel vehicles can be negated by their excellent long term benefits, not only obliterating or significantly reducing tax payable. Notable business fleets have famously switched to hybrid cars, such as leading taxi firms. At TNT we endeavour to keep our emissions down as it’s something we take very seriously.

Small Ways to Start in The Office

Switch to Paperless
Going paperless can save you a lot of headache as well as saving the trees. Cloud Software has been championed as a great way to store business data in a secure and paperless manner. You’ll need fewer servers for data storage, and therefore need less temperature and humidity control in the server room. Cloud tech also allows you to work from any machine, meaning working remotely or from home is a possibility.

Introduce recycling bins in offices and look into local collection. Make it easy for employees with signs and express how important it is for the business in internal communications. If you’re getting rid of old office furniture or tech equipment, look into recycling it – sometimes it can be free and certain recycling companies will even pay you for usable or good quality items.

Virtual Meetings
Using VoIP software, you can hold meetings remotely over video chat, reducing the need for travel costs and emissions, especially if you’re holding a meeting with stakeholders or clients overseas – a real bonus for international businesses.

Encourage Your Employees to be Greener

Start small to pave the way for more widespread changes; people don’t tend to like change, so it can sometimes present a challenge to get your employees involved with sustainable action. Implementing employee schemes like car sharing for commuters and public transport discount schemes where possible, can have a great impact.

If you have business trips, make sure to plan ahead and combine trips. Things like encouraging home working or flexible-hours contracts, can at once incentivise staff and also cut emissions. If you have Cloud technology this can work well in your business’s favour, as well as work towards higher staff retention rates. Things like the Bike2Work Scheme can mean significant tax breaks for employees. Having on-site showers and changing rooms is worth getting your employees to walk, run or cycle to work.

Use Your Green Credentials to Market Your Business

Taking action to be more sustainable in your business not only helps the environment, but it can make your brand look good too. As a business, you’ll have a corporate responsibility to be green to a certain extent. If you go above and beyond your call of environmental duty, so to speak, shout about it.

Celebrate wins like cutting down on unnecessary expenditure on environmentally draining practices like heating or electricity. Being green looks good to clients; if you had to choose between two identical services, but one spoke up about their sustainability, you’d naturally choose the latter.

Being kind to the environment is something businesses have a responsibility to do. The perks for business owners far outweigh the negatives, and as we’ve discussed, can have a truly beneficial impact on money saving.