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Google's Top Tips for International Business Growth

It’s made it quicker, simpler and more economical to conduct international business than ever before and with the right tools, your business could capitalise on it. Recently, Google UK’s Sales Director, Peter Fitzgerald, gave his top 10 tips for growing your business internationally. These cover a number of types of business growth. Here, we take a look at how you could use these top tips to make your business successful and discuss how to grow a business.



1. Analyse Market Data for International Business Growth

You can use market data to find the regions or countries where your products are likely to have the most appeal. Online tools, like Global Market Finder, allow you to do this from your desk. It can also be used to show:


  •   Keyword searches by country
  •   Estimates for bids (for PPC activity)
  •   Competition for keywords by market and language


By using this data, you can make an informed choice about what geographic regions to target.


2. Aim to Exceed Customer Expectations

To meet the needs of your customers, it can be helpful to understand how they use the internet to make purchases. Again, Google has tools that you can use to help, like export tools, which has free research data. These could help your business growth.


3. Adopt a ‘Digital First’ Model for New Markets

You could consider adopting this approach for new markets, even if you’re currently using a multi-channel strategy in the UK. Even global companies can transform themselves from bricks and mortar retailers to online giants by increasing their online presence. Your business could do this by aligning all of your platforms under one roof.


4. Dedicate a Team to International Exports

You can try to operate as a separate entity that works quickly and autonomously. If you do this, you could be able to make more appropriate decisions for these markets which will allow projects to evolve faster and more fluidly. Also, be sure this team studies our guide to exporting for other useful information.


5. Employ a C-level Exports Champion

An exports champion can work alongside your current team to promote exports. They can also give you some accountability on high-level business decisions on pricing and marketing and their international impact.


6. Never Work On a Hunch

When you can use data analytics tools and analytical research to make informed decisions, why take a hunch? Analytic research can help you understand customer behaviour in real time, as it changes. This can allow your business to adapt its strategy as necessary and keep your finger on the pulse of market changes.


7. Localise Your Site

Google’s free translator tool can help translate your site into 80 languages for overseas consumers, and you can even change the currency. This can help prevent things being lost in translation.


8. But Only Do This When It Matters

Some markets may need less localisation than others. The Business Exports Map can provide you with valuable insights on local preferences alongside our own guide to understanding cultures.


9. Remember the Sky’s the Limit

Try not to limit yourself too much and remember that first mover advantage often matters to business success. This means that you have the option of testing your offering in a number of markets relatively quickly. Plus, we have the perfect delivery solutions for international businesses like yours, so your customers always get their shipments on time, no matter where they are. The sky’s the limit in terms of expansion.


10. Use Different Marketing Channels to Connect

Different sections of your target audience will likely use different channels. Digital marketing can be scaled, tested and expanded globally, so mix your strategy for the best success.


These are Google’s top 10 tips for international business expansion. You can follow them closely to try to give your business the edge on its competitors. You could also discuss these with your management team in order to understand how to make your business successful internationally.