Importance of Customer Service & Satisfaction | Organic Business Growth

Why Investing in Customers is the Key to Organic Business Growth


In business, the customer is king. Customer retention is at the crux of any successful business, and yours may need to understand the importance of customer service to succeed. From improving Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to listening to customer feedback, there are a number of ways you could show the importance of customer service. In this post, we take a look at some options and show some customer satisfaction examples.


Improve Customer Relationship Management for Organic Business Growth

There are a number of benefits to customer satisfaction. Getting old customers to convert to repeat customers may cost less than acquiring new customers. This is why your business could focus on increasing the efficiencies of your CRM; this underlines the importance of customer satisfaction.


You might get customers to shop with you again by either introducing new items they were unable to get from you before, or by improving the efficiency of your CRM system.


To do this, it could be worth considering using technology to help you. When you’re pushed for time, it’s easy to send the same email to every customer, segment your data on Excel and do everything manually. However, there’s a lot of software that could help you do things smartly, saving you time.


Although software is useful, it can’t do everything for you, so it may be worth considering whether hiring a CRM specialist with the appropriate expertise could help your business.


Incentivising Customers

If you’re thinking of incentivising your customers, it could be beneficial to consider how the loyalty program may help you.


There are lots of different types of schemes worth considering. Some coffee shops have stamp cards that incentivise customers through free coffee, while some shops that provide technological services incentivise through referrals. Alternatively, you could offer customers spending over a certain amount free same day delivery.


A customer incentive program may be devised to both increase incremental sales and improve the overall buyer experience.


An effective program may offer measurable rewards that are not currently offered by your competitors. As a result, it may be worth investing time to find out what it is your customers want, before you begin.


Listen and Respond to Customer Feedback

Customer reviews could help you improve your business and may lead to greater customer retention rates. It could be worth asking your customers for feedback regularly either in person, through a simple survey, or by managing customer feedback online via social media. This way, you won’t just hear back from them about negative experiences, but because of positives encounters as well.


By receiving customer feedback, you’ll get a lot of insight into what customers think about your business. This could in turn be used to shape your business’ future plans.


When you’re in the process of aggregating all of this feedback, it’s worth sharing it with other team members. This way, you have the opportunity to share the intelligence throughout your business and gain a variety of opinions on how you can use it to alter your business’ strategy and attempt to increase customer satisfaction rates and customer retention.


Investing in customers is the key to organic growth so; consider implementing these strategies to try to increase your customer retention.