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A Guide to Managing Your Business:

Delivering During Busy Periods

Owning and running an international business can be quite an undertaking in itself. There’s lots of aspects to consider such as fulfilling supply and demand for your goods and services, maintaining a productive workforce and sticking to all the business rules and regulations we have here in the UK.

There are things that can compound all this though, especially if you’re not properly prepared for them; more specifically how hectic your business can get during busier periods – especially with an increased volume of deliveries.

However, with this helpful guide to managing a business at busy periods, you needn’t be concerned about such factors getting in the way of your business being a success. Here we’ve detailed what these ‘busier periods’ can be like, as well as several ways you can help to manage them, without them being a detriment to your firm.

What can be classed as ‘busier periods’?

While it can be argued that most days in the business world can invariably be busy in some ways, the times we are referring to are specifically those where you’ll face increased commerce. The most common being in the run up to and during holiday seasons, particularly in the final quarter of the year with Black Friday and Christmas.

Other examples might be short seasonal sales, launches of new and exciting products, or a simple clearance sale of certain goods you want to shift.

What can happen to your business?

When it gets busier, there’s essentially a knock-on effect that ripples across the different parts of your business, whether you offer a service or a product. It normally follows a path like this:

  • More customers or requests
  • More work is required from your staff to service and deal with these
  • Stock levels need to be managed and checked more
  • You have more deliveries to fulfil, which then adds to the above

The underlying negative to this is that if you can’t effectively deal with this, you risk losing business, upsetting clients and failing to provide the quality services your customers expect.

The positive twist to consider of course is that the busier periods are potentially the most profitable. By making the most of them you’ll actually find it to be very rewarding in the long term; so how can you go about this?

What can you do about it?

The key to this is all about the preparation; rather than waiting until the last minute, you should put some of the following in place in advance of the season or event:

For your operations

Take on temporary staff to handle customer queries and enquiries, be it in-store or via telecommunications
Order in larger amounts of stock and items you will have on sale or you expect to sell more of

Provide promotional information in your store or on your company website and social media profiles to showcase what’s on offer and when

For your deliveries

Hire more staff or logistics options on a temporary basis to help managing deliveries at busy periods.

Extend the length of your delivery dates to handle more orders, but you must make this clear in store or on your website or promotional materials

Use the services of a firm like TNT to handle these for you. We have the international logistics expertise needed to deal with increased orders wherever and whenever you need to send them.

All of these approaches might not be completely applicable, as different businesses will have different needs, however you can always tailor these to suit your specific company and delivery requirements. Whatever your situation though, consider TNT’s advice and help turn this from a busy time to a profitable one.