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Effective Ways to Promote your Business

When it comes to starting and running your own business, having an effective promotion strategy is essential in order for it to become successful.

Growth for any company is achieved through increasing the customer base or the amount each client is investing in your business, with the former best for start-ups and other new enterprises.

One way to build a customer base is through using a range of promotional methods to get people and other businesses on your books. Whether you’ve just set up a fresh company or your current one is struggling and you need to know how to promote your business, these are some of the best methods of promotion.

Social Media Marketing

Email newsletters used to be the cheapest and easiest ways for businesses to reach their target audience, but now social media is far more effective. Most people ignore or instantly delete mass emails, whereas they are more likely to stumble upon and engage with a social media post.

Having a website as a base is still advised, and be sure to link it to Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts. Pages can be set up for free and grow through great, engaging content, regular updates and links through to your products and services. Paid for promotion also exists, which will grow your company’s reach for a limited time too.

SEO Strategies

Your business’ website will be what most potential customers seek out, for further information, prices and to get in contact. Google is the number one way most people will end up here, so it is vital that your website appears high up in the search rankings for appropriate and common search terms.

Search engine optimisation (SEO) business marketing strategies will help this become a reality. Use Google AdWords to research and help tailor the content on your website so that it is driving the right kind of traffic to your company.   

Promotional Events

A great small business marketing technique is to host or sponsor a unique event. The kind of event this is will depend a lot on the sector your company falls within. For example, hosting talks by industry leaders is an appropriate event for financial companies and other serious businesses.

More adventurous companies could attempt to set up something more out there, like putting on a cabaret or other unique events. Be sure to plaster your company’s name everywhere, provide free samples of your product or service (where possible) and invite people in your target audience.

PR Stunts

PR stunts are a great way to achieve some free or cheap exposure and really leave a lasting impression on people. Think of something related to your business and set it up. You’ll need to hire a PR team to help get whatever stunt you’re creating out there to journalists, so people will read about it in newspapers or online.

It could be something as simple as a pop-up shop or café with an interesting theme, to creating street art or anything you can think of. Where possible, try and video any such stunt, as it will have more chance of going viral. Of course, try to make sure your brand is featured as much as possible and that there are links back to your website or social media channels.   

Network On and Offline

LinkedIn has made it possible to network with important people and businesses around the world from the comfort of your office. Set up and join groups of other likeminded businesspeople and you will hopefully make some useful connections.

Networking in the real world is also a great way to advertise your business. Attend as many industry events as you can, taking along business cards and free samples. If you’re super confident, even offer to give a talk or presentation at one, as this provides a great business advertising platform.

Physical Promotion

Online promotion marketing may be leading the way but there are still a lot of physical promotional methods that work. Splashing your brand name across the side of a van or advertising board means it will be seen by almost everyone that passes it, whereas an online advert is easier to ignore.

Consider every promotion strategy mentioned here and which will be most effective for your business. It will be different depending on the industry, budget and other factors, but each of these promotional methods have worked for others in the past.