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How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page & Account

Setting up a Facebook page for your business is vital if you’re looking to drum up new business and find new customers.

As well as providing you with free marketing space, a Facebook page can also help you interact with your customers, help you gauge and understand customer feedback and help customers find you.  

Setting up a business Facebook page only takes a couple of minutes, too. Here’s how you do it:

1) Log in to your personal account

The simplest way to set up and run a business account is through your personal account, so simply sign in if you have one. If you don’t currently have one, you can set one up here. It only takes around a minute and you don’t have to use it.

2) Create a page from your account

Once you’re logged in to your Facebook account, simply click the drop down arrow on the top right corner of the page. Then select Create Page.

3) Select a business category

Facebook categorises all of their business pages. You have a choice of six different categories for your business, these include:

  • Local business or place
  • Company, organisation or institution
  • Brand or product
  • Artist, band or public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or community

Choose the one that’s most appropriate for you. People can search for a business via the page category, so it’s vital you select the right one.

4) Make it industry specific

From here, you can make your page more industry-specific, so it’ll be easier for people to find you. You should select a category from the drop down that closely matches the type of business you’re running.

Then, add your address details and a telephone number. This is important as the Facebook page will link to maps so that potential customers can find your business easily. By adding your phone number, you can also ensure that people can phone you if they have any queries.

Finally, take time to read the terms and conditions. By pressing Get Started, you’re agreeing to them.

5) Optimise and connect

Now you’re on the final step of the process: optimising your page. The more effort you put into optimising your page, the more enticing it will be for customers, and the better chance you have of increasing your sales and driving footfall.

Images are important here. You can use these to show customers what both your business and products look like, making them appear enticing. Cover photos and profile photos can also be used to display offers if you have a sale – you can change these at any time.

Ensure that you also add a description of your business and website as well as your website address (this will sit alongside the phone number you entered earlier).

As soon as you click Save Info, your page is ready to go.

Helpful Tip: Also be sure to add your page to your favourites on your personal account. This way you’ll be able to access it easily at any point.

Now your page is set up, you’re ready to go. You’ll be the page administrator and can change your settings at any time. You can even add someone else as an administrator to help you. Be sure to update the page regularly and you should have no problems growing your audience. The page can be managed at any time through Settings. Good luck.