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What You Need for Successful Aftersales Care

TNT understands that one of the best ways to retain your customers is by offering great aftersales care.

Building relationships with customers and making sure that your customers are 100% happy with their purchase helps to ensure they promote your brand to others and return to use your business again.  

What Exactly Do you Need for Great Aftersales Care?

A great approach to customer services. Whether this is a contact number or email address depends on the capacity your business has, but big or small make sure there’s a method customers can use to get in touch with your business should they need any extra information or advice.

An opportunity for customers to give their feedback on your service asking the vital questions, what did you like about our service and what could we have done better?

Customer claim and warranty management procedures – these should be in place to protect customers should their product be faulty.

What Different Things Can I do to Provide Successful Aftersales Care?

The key reason businesses invest in aftersales care is to make sure that customers are pleased with the product they’ve purchased and to build loyalty and trust. You can do this by using a variety of different online and offline aftersales care techniques:

  • Tutorials – if you sell a product that may be particularly tricky to use, email your customers links to an easy to follow YouTube tutorial explaining how to use it or send out a step by step guide in the post as an offline follow up.
  • Birthday E-mail or Gift- On a customer’s birthday sending them an email wishing them a happy birthday with a discount code is a great way to encourage them to shop with your brand again. The key to making this work is to make the email as personal as possible without including any pushy sales lingo or recommending any products. This way the email is much more genuine, helping to build trust between the customer and your business.
  • Delivery Information – Making sure you have a service that informs the customer of when their parcel has been dispatched, where it is on the morning of delivery and when it has been dropped off, if ordered online, shows that you care about the customer’s product arriving on time and care about them being informed at all stages.
  • Call the Customer – Depending on the type of business you have, calling the customer a few days or weeks after they’ve bought their new product to see how they’re getting on can be a great aftersales care approach. This way you can give any advice over the phone and give customers the opportunity to express any concerns they may have about your product or the service they’d received.
  • Loyalty Programme- Setting up a customer loyalty programme to provide rewards for multiple purchases or purchases over a certain value can be really beneficial. This encourages other sales and helps to build a positive relationship with the customer.

Why is Aftersales Care So Important?

Aftersales care is so important because it’s one of the best methods of building relationships with customers in order to retain them. By staying in touch with your customers long after they bought a product from you, your business will remain on their radar when they’re looking to buy again. A great service isn’t forgotten and it could be the difference between a customer shopping with you or going to a competitor. With the sales market being so vast and competitive, doing everything you can when it comes to aftersales care to make sure you have the edge is crucial.