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The Importance of Customer Personas for Businesses

Customer personas are hugely important to businesses.

Helping marketing teams to put together strategies and businesses to develop new products, they help to bridge a gap between the customer and the business.

A customer persona helps a business to understand their target audience on a much deeper level in order to help improve a business’s relationship with their customers and create a successful strategy as a result.

What is a Customer Persona?

A customer persona is a detailed profile or several detailed profiles of your customers made from demographic research. A persona takes into account everything from the types of job, home, car, lifestyle and music choices a customer has, allowing a business to understand their customers on a much deeper level so they can target them.

What’s the Aim of a Customer Persona?

The aim of a customer persona is to group the target audience by identifying goals, lifestyle choices, budgets and interests. Detailed customer persona profiles are vital to helping businesses develop new products and brand their businesses to a receptive audience as a result.

Ultimately, accurate customer personas allow a business to understand their customers’ needs better so they can connect with them and appeal to them in the right way. Here’s why they’re so important for your business:

Understand the Wants and Needs of your Customers

As a business owner, understanding exactly what your customer wants and needs from your brand is vital to success. Detailed customer personas will allow you to segment your audience into different groups in order to tailor your marketing techniques and product offerings to connect with their likes and dislikes.

Understand Buyer Motivation and Behaviours

A customer persona can help you target when and where your customer likes to shop so you can spend time developing these areas. This is particularly important when it comes to the digital side of your business and can help to influence the types of content on your site and channels which your business uses to engage with customers. Knowing where a customer lives, what kind of products they value and newspaper they read can influence their shopping habits and motivations to buy a particular product.

Ask the Right Questions

In the planning stages of a new product or when developing a marketing pitch, the right questions can often get missed. A customer persona provides a useful solution by being there as a test. If you can put yourself in the shoes of your customer persona and review a product from their point of view to see how it will fit in with their lifestyle, you’ll have a much more accurate idea of whether it’s going to be a success or not.

Produce Better Results

Being much more customer and buyer focused helps to create better results. If you know exactly what time your audience is going to be online shopping and start a sale at that particular time, its success is more likely. The more you know about your customer’s lifestyles, tastes and shopping habits the easier it is to get results as you can provide them with the products and services they want. Ultimately, accurate customer personas lead to better traffic on websites and social media, profitability and a stronger customer/business relationship.

Customer personas are a vital tool for businesses in the digital age as there are so many aspects of a business to think about. From how your website is received, to whether customers are following your business on Instagram and Twitter, having a detailed understanding of your customer’s lifestyle by using a customer persona means that you can target all your product offerings, social media, email shots and other marketing directly to your customer requirements.