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TNT Case Study:

TNT and Computacenter Working Together

As Europe’s leading independent provider of IT infrastructure services, Computacenter planned to improve their logistics framework and expand trading throughout Europe. In order to do this they enlisted our help here at TNT, using a range of the services we provide to successfully expand without impacting upon their customer service.

There were various challenges and appropriate solutions put in place for us to work together and achieve the desired results. This case study demonstrates what they were and how TNT and Computacenter will be working together.

The Challenge

Computacenter planned to expand across trading locations throughout Europe, particularly including their UK, France and Germany facilities. This required:

  • Developing a future-proofed logistics model that allowed for business fluctuations
  • Being prepared for large and short term projects without impacting upon customer service
  • Creating an efficient supply chain with UK and international delivery capabilities, including handling time-sensitive and urgent orders reliably and in a cost-effective manner.

The Solution

As the incumbent logistics supplier for Computacenter’s UK and France domestic and international businesses, here at TNT we used our extensive knowledge of Computacenter’s business needs to approach the request for quotation (RFQ) process.

Through working with the UK support teams, strategic account management teams and colleagues in France and Germany, we proposed a realistic approach that saw TNT selected for the second stage of the RFQ.

This provided an invitation to see Computacenter’s operations in the UK, France and Germany and we sent a team member to each one to gain a good understanding of their supply chain requirements.

Some of the services we offered as part of the solution included:

The Results

TNT retained Computacenter’s UK and France domestic and international businesses and were awarded additional services in these areas and Germany. This was due to the successful approach that involved:

  • Pro-active tracking of customer orders
  • Fantastic on-time delivery performance
  • Value added services and cost-effective solutions

The external consultancy praised TNT’s Strategic Account process, saying: ‘We were delighted when we started our engagement; you provided a real solution, your response was excellent and your approach was both refreshing and showed great intelligence. We saw a great deal of flexibility in your approach and this is something that we didn’t feel that we were able to get from the TNT of old.

‘Overall we felt that we had genuinely seen a new TNT and you won the contract on the basis that you showed dedication, commitment, flexibility and were able to deviate from the norm. Overall you were hungrier and more flexible than other suppliers and enough to show the customer that you were able to work hard to win this contract.’

Computacenter's France Operation Centre, Gonesse


Computacenter's UK Operation Centre, Hatfield