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Warehouse Management: How to Improve Warehouse Logistics Operations

When it comes to effective warehouse management, improving your warehouse logistics operations is crucial to ensure that you have an efficient supply chain.

Successful warehousing and distribution relies upon organisation, methodical processes and safety. Here’s a guide to improving your warehouse logistics operations and developing all the key elements:

Make Use of All the Available Space

Making use of all of the space you have is extremely important. This doesn’t have to mean expensive expansion projects and can simply mean using more vertical space instead of expanding horizontally. Think about how you can incorporate vertical storage solutions like pallet racking to take advantage of the floor to ceiling space to allow your operation to grow.

Increase Training

Well trained staff lead to a much more efficient and safer warehouse. A warehouse without accidents is a much better logistics operation than one that is unsafe so training needs to be a number one priority. From ensuring that all members of staff have been signed off on their designated tasks to holding regular training refresher workshops and putting up signage around the warehouse.

Use Automation

Automation is one of the best ways to improve your warehouse system instantly. Although costly to initially install, automation can help to save you money in the long run and it significantly reduces the amount of money you need to spend on manual labour. The speed of an automated system is much quicker than that of man power, increasing the time you can get products shipped out of your warehouse making your business much more efficient overall.

Improve Organisation

A great way to improve your warehouse management systems is by making sure that organisation is a top priority. When it comes to organisation you can look at product placement within the warehouse, team structures and equipment. Ideas like moving essential packaging equipment closer to pack benches so staff don’t have to waste time walking to bring it to their workstation can instantly save time and money as a result. Reviewing all your processes and workstations to see where they can be tightened up and made more organised is vital.

Optimise Labour Efficiency

The best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your staff is by optimising the layout of your warehouse in order to make it the most time efficient it can be. This means ensuring products regularly ordered together are positioned next to each other to speed up the picking process. Install lifts if your warehouse is across several floors to make sure staff can quickly access products no matter where they are and look for areas where you can save time. Things like having a step ladder at the end of each aisle so that staff can easily reach products high up works to increase safety and efficiency. Take time to study your warehouse plan and identify the areas where you can make improvements.

Look for Areas Where You Can Save Money

Finding areas where you can make financial savings leads to much more efficient warehouse management. In all warehouse operations there are cost savings to be made. Whether that’s switching your packaging supplier to a new one or having automated lights so you’re not paying for lighting costs on aisles stocking only rare items, savings can always be found. By sitting down and reviewing your warehouse plan and finances side by side you’ll be able to spot key areas where financial savings can be made.

By following TNT’s warehouse management tips you’ll be able to increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations and in turn have a more productive and effective logistics operation.