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International Business Tools

International business is no longer something purely reserved for larger companies, even startups and relatively new SMEs can still work overseas. That being said though, being a success in international business isn’t always easy; there’s lots of hard work involved covering everything from finding clients, to marketing, logistics and much more.


As experts with international deliveries, and champions of all-things business-related, here at TNT we want to ensure you can find success with your global ventures. In the latest of our useful guides, we take a look at some of the international business tools you can use to make your worldwide operations much simpler and easier to manage. These range from amazing technologies, to top strategies and even simpIle business protocol for communicating with clients.

International Video Calls

Rather than paying over the odds for expensive phone calls abroad, you can use free platforms that simply need a Wi-Fi connection. Skype is arguably one of the most popular and not only does this allow you to message others, you can hold video chats and conference calls with clients, employees and customers alike – all without spending large amounts of money.


Currency Converters

One thing that can catch you out is the exchange rate. We all know that different countries have different currencies and subsequently different values on these currencies, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that these are subject to change. The last thing you want is to under or over charge a customer, or ruin your figures because of an inaccurate exchange rate. The simple solution is to carry out a quick Google search and use online currency converters that reflect the latest rates.


Reliable Servers & Backup Facilities

When working with lots of international clients, the chances are that you’ll have a lot of data to process. Like with any business then, if you have bases overseas you need to be certain that all your important data is protected in these locations too. In short, you need decent servers that are reliable and failsafe that regularly backup this information.


Free Management & Organisational Software

The above servers and protective tools can sometimes be quite pricey, so if you’re looking to save on costs you can do so in other areas like planning and organisation. There are plenty of great free apps available like Evernote, which can be downloaded to your employees’ smartphones and tablets and help them keep track of different meetings and work events across the time zones.


Another great free program is LinkedIn. This business-oriented social media platform can allow you to look for prospective international clients, potential new staff in different countries and make new connections that can benefit your operations. You can also of course showcase your own attributes all over the world.


Time-sensitive Correspondence

As alluded to above, time zones are important to consider when working internationally. This is because different zones mean different working hours and you won’t want to send messages or important communications to overseas partners if there’s no one there to read them. A great tool to have here then is to use software that manages your communications and releases them time-sensitively. This way, they’ll be sent to the desired recipient at the right time and can also see your business technically working 24/7.

Expert External Support

Along with all of the above, if your business involves transporting goods or sending important items overseas, you can of course use the services of an established international delivery company like TNT, to ensure your packages always get to their destinations. We can help to make sure you’re left with nothing but satisfied customers as your consignments arrive on time and intact.


So, don’t let your levels of professionalism slip with your overseas clients, use some – if not all – of the above tools and soon you could see a big difference in how well you manage your operations. Then, all that’s left to do is take advantage of the bigger and better opportunities a successful international business can bring.