Shipping in the UK

Shipping in the UK doesn’t have to be difficult.  Get started with UK shipping in 5 easy steps.

Where Are You Shipping?

Firstly, we need to know precisely where we need to pick-up and deliver.  Once you know this find out which service best suits your need.

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These are additional charges that can be applied to certain TNT shipments. These will appear on your invoice and understanding why the surcharges are there can help put your mind at ease.

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Find out what you can ship

While some goods are restricted by specific regulations, that doesn’t mean we can’t ship them. This depends on the type of goods and the quantity. Please inform us if you want to send anything that is classed as a restricted item.

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Pack smart

Ensuring your goods are packed correctly reduces the risk of delays and damage during transit. It is worth taking the extra time to pack and label your shipment correctly.

How to pack your shipment

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You're almost there!

Choose a TNT service that suits you and arrange a collection time. Don't forget to track your shipment through Track & Trace.