Textile Supply Chain & Logistics Services

From fabric to finished fashion accessory, the processes involved in the textile industry can be long and complicated ones. There are many different components involved along the way, from creating textiles to sourcing them for producing garments and other products. To ensure your business runs smoothly you need a good textile supply chain in place.

At TNT we realise the importance of supply chain management in textile industry businesses, as any delays and disruptions will result in your company losing money. That’s why we have a dedicated industrial transport service team and offer many services to help with textile logistics challenges.

Textile Logistics Solutions

Textile supply chain management involves working with a number of suppliers to ensure all inbound products arrive on time and with the correct quantity. This means you will have the required materials to produce the textile products and ship out to clients, customers and suppliers on time.

Delays and disruptions anywhere along the textile industry supply chain will result in money being lost, as products are not created or delivered on time which can lead to clients not paying when deadlines have been missed. At TNT our textile supply chain services can help your business run smoothly by:


  • Efficient and reliable delivery reducing inventory pipeline costs by 2 to 4%
  • Line stoppage chances due to transport issues being cut by up to 60%
  • Helping in receiving, sequencing and materials management functions, planning productivity can be boosted by 3 to 6%
  • Reducing administration costs by up to 50% of handling multiple carriers for emergency shipments

Create an Efficient Supply Chain

The supply chain of textile industry businesses is a long one that begins with the delivery of materials and ends with distribution of the finished products. Whether you run a dressmaking start-up or a bedding SME, having an efficient textile supply chain in place from start to finish is essential.


We possess Europe’s largest and fastest road network, to get materials and other items delivered to your business as quickly and efficiently as possible from the continent. Special services, last mile delivery and further options can all be combined to ensure your textile supply chain management is trouble free and runs smoothly.


At the end of the supply chain we also have the best capabilities for the final distribution of your products, utilising both local and international services. You can develop an efficient textile supply chain with TNT by:


  • Reducing the chance of failed delivery penalties due to transport issues by up to 30%
  • Improving product availability by 3 to 10% and cutting loss of sales
  • Deal with fewer carriers and slash administration costs by up to 40%


As well as offering financial incentives, these points will all work towards making supply chain management in textile industry businesses a lot easier, freeing up more time to spend on growing your company.

TNT Delivery Services

At TNT we offer all the services you could need to improve your textile supply chain. A fantastic choice is available no matter what your requirements, from economical delivery options to affordable last mile solutions, all these options and more are useful for forming the best textile supply chain management.


Our textile logistics services provide:


  • Delivery to 20% more European destinations by road within 48 hours than our competitors
  • Faster or equal delivery speeds on 92% of lanes on the road
  • A parcel and pallet road network capable of dealing with items up to 1000kg
  • Team with local planning skills and expertise, with a 1.5% better service performance than competitors.


For more information about textile supply chain services contact TNT today.