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Viruses, malware and phishing: Dangerous emails with attachment(s)/links

Dear customer,

Please take good note that spam e-mails are currently sent in our name with the sender details


The sender of these emails has been faked in order to get the trust of recipients. Kindly note that these emails do not originate from our TNT Server.


How to spot if the sender is fake

Certain emails with the subject line « Track consignments » contain a link to a pretended « shipping label ». Behind these emails or the links, there are infected servers, which infect the PC with malware in order to be able to access data.


Other emails refer to a specific shipment, a bill or outstanding balance and the corresponding amount is usually displayed in the subject line of the email : « Ihre Post Rechnung 666 CHF ». Moreover, they have a dangerous attachment (a .docx file, i.e. « Post_Bestellung.docx » ) with a malware.


Please do not open those types of emails nor the attachment and delete them immediately.


Unfortunately it is common tool in malware dissemination to fake a sender. Except from warning you, TNT does not have the possibility to do anything against that in short term.


In case you have opened the attachment or the email, we highly recommend you to disconnect your system from the network and scan your PC with the help of an antivirus software.


In case you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us :


Thank you for your comprehension.

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