Additional Charges and Services

Understanding your invoice

When shipping consignments with TNT, the following additional surcharges apply:

Fuel surcharge

Due to continuing fuel price fluctuations, TNT applies a fuel surcharge to all shipments. This approach provides our customers with a transparent charging mechanism reflecting changes in fuel related costs. More information about the Fuel Surcharge.

Enhanced International Security Surcharge

Following well-publicised incidents involving the transportation of packages containing illegal explosive devices, TNT has implemented additional procedures, activities and investments to safeguard our customers' shipments whilst in our custody. To partially offset the additional costs an Enhanced International Security Surcharge is applied to all international shipments. More information about the Enhanced international security surcharge.

Domestic Security Surcharge

The TNT Domestic Security Surcharge is a charge applied by TNT which reflects the costs associated with freight movements within the domestic priority network. More information about the Domestic security surcharge.

Other Additional Charges

Where shipments fall outside TNT’s standard handling and shipping process additional charges may apply to your shipment (in addition to the base rate). The following are descriptions of these additional services. The chargeable amount is dependent on the invoicing country.

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