Other Additional Charges

Additional services with corresponding charges.

TNT has a number of fees and surcharges relating to your TNT account, Domestic, International and Sameday Time Critical shipments. All fees and surcharges are quoted in Australian dollars (AUD) and are GST exclusive. TNT reserves the right to introduce new and/or vary its fees and surcharges from time to time. Please contact your local TNT office for more information on our fees and surcharges

Time Critical Courier Fees

After Hours
(After 6pm and before 7am weekdays, weekends and public holidays)
Please call 13 11 50

Dangerous Goods

$75.00 per consignment

Out of Metro Area

Charged at Direct Car Rates

Proof of Delivery over 3 months

$30 per consignment

Waiting time per 5 minutes or part thereof
(first 10 minutes is included in flag fall)
$3.15 per 5 minutes

Over 25 kgs add per 25 kgs or part thereof

(first 25 kilograms included in flag fall)
$3.15 per 25 kilograms

Futile Call
Flag Fall


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