Digital Records Management

Full physical to digital solutions

Digital Records Management: Full Physical to Digital Solutions

As a business owner, you’ll know that time is money. Here at TNT, we can help you with our data management and document scanning solutions. Our document scanning service can help save you both time and money thanks to data capture solutions, digital archives and the ability to scan documents directly from your business’s records.

By using our document scanning services you can incorporate full electronic document management as well as online document storage. No matter what your business requires, we can provide you with the relevant document scanning solutions. Give our data management team a call today on 0845 601 4 601 to discuss what we can do for you.

Our Digital Document Scanning Services Include:

Here at TNT Business Solutions, we know that document scanning and data capture can be very time consuming, which is why we provide a number of data capture solutions. We can help you go paperless with our document scanning service, digital records management and electronic document storage.

TNT Business Solutions service is one of the UK’s leading electronic data capture companies. We offer fast and efficient scanning services and convert your records into digital documents thanks to our electronic data capture technology.

The Benefits of Scanning Services

  • You will only be charged for each scanned image, meaning that your business can save money through electronic document management
  • Our technology allows ‘key’ word search allowing fast retrieval in the digital archives
  • Save time and become lean by digitalising your documents and records. Online document storage means that you can access all of your documents in an instant
  • Regain valuable space being used to store physical documents
  • Eliminate time wasted looking for specific physical documents with document scanning solutions
  • Fully encrypted documents ensuring we deliver them safely and securely
  • Bulk on demand business document scanning for digital conversion
  • When we scan documents, we present them in your required format
  • Fully trained staff to check each scanned image for quality and accuracy.
  • Records can be seamlessly accessed directly via an integrated digital interface or via our fully secure website visions.

Digital Records Management Available Nationwide

Call TNT on 0845 601 4 601 and speak to one of our digital records specialists to discuss your needs today. Regardless of what type of scanning solution or electronic data capture system you require, give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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