Archiving & Physical Storage

Secure record archiving & document storage available nationwide.

Records Management and Physical File Storage

At TNT we understand that your business might need a little extra help when it comes to file storage and record management. We can help with our record storage and file management services perfect for document archiving.

We understand how time consuming document archiving can be and that’s why we offer such a wide range of storage solutions to help with paperwork storage, record storage and secure document storage.

Records Storage

Keeping all your records secure and orderly is crucial to business success no matter what your industry. That’s why we store documents in our secure records management centres manned by experienced staff working to ISO 9001 quality management standards. Our file storage solutions include secure document storage for those businesses working with confidential data, needing to keep client personal information and financial information safe and out of sight.

Our Records Management Solution has a Range of Benefits:

  • Allows you to maximise your office space
  • Enables you to consolidate real estate
  • Safe and secure physical document storage solutions
  • Quick and easy access to your files and documentation
  • Document retrieval can be returned to you in your chosen format – digitally or hard-copy
  • Dedicated customer service to help and assist you
  • Assurance of compliance, reducing business risk 

Archiving and organising all of your documents can be hugely time consuming, especially for those businesses with a vast amount of data to keep. With this in mind, using our file storage and record management service means that you can be more efficient and be 100% confident that all your data is stored safely and orderly, out of sight.


Not only does using a file storage service save your business time it also ensures that your data is filed in a systematic order so when it comes to needing those records for reference, you’ll be able to retrieve them quickly and easily.

Document Storage Solutions

External paperwork storage can really benefit your business by creating more office space, maximising your potential for business growth and expansion.


It also hugely reduces the chance of losing important files and documents, especially when you use our secure document storage solutions.


As record storage makes it much easier for files to be located, you’ll benefit from the time employees gain back, not having to hunt around for files and records. 

Our Document Storage Solutions Include:

  • Technology used for data capturing and indexing, using bar code technology in order to streamline your business information, making it easy to locate, identify and audit your records.
  • Electronic delivery of documents through Scan on Demand solution to speed up access of information and help to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Industry leading fire detection systems at all our records management centres to keep your documents safe.
  • Comprehensive reporting of our archive storage solutions providing full visibility of service performance and file access details.

Archiving and Physical Storage is Available Nationwide

Looking to find out more regarding our range of record storage services, which will best benefit your business. Interested in our paperwork storage solutions but looking for more info? Contact us today to speak to one of our records storage experts who will be able to chat about all our available file storage solutions and other business solutions.

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