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TNT user guide

Your shipping companion :
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Online Billing user guide :
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Out of area postal codes :
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Shipping guides

Download out Domestic Services Guide

Download our International Transit Guide for more information

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Packaging guidelines

Packaging guidelines for parcels

Packaging guidelines for pallets

Packaging guidelines for irregular freight

Packaging guidelines for sealing and labelling

Complete packaging guidelines

TNT customer satisfaction

Industry expertise documentation


Learn more about TNT and the Auto Industry

Download our case study (US to Europe)

Download our case study (Europe to US)

High-Tech - Inbound to Production

Learn more about TNT and High-tech production

Download our case study

High-Tech - Finished goods

Learn more about TNT and High-Tech transport

Download our case study

Healthcare - Test medication

Learn more about TNT and test medication

Download our case study

Medical Device Technology

Learn more about TNT and medical device technology

Download our case study

Industrial - Inbound to Production

Download our case study

Industry - Finished Goods

Learn more about TNT and industrial distribution

Download our case study

Dangerous goods

Biological substances,
Category B (UN3373)